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Orange Terror Bass 500

Hybrid tube/solid-state technology gives new life
and a smaller footprint - just 12 /30,5 cm long
and only 10 lbs./4,5kg in the hand - to the AD200
bass amp legacy. The Orange Terror Bass outputs an
impressive 500 watts (at 4 ohms) of AD200-inspired
tone courtesy of its efficient Class D power amp.
Yet a tube input stage (12AX7) and an FX loop send
(12AT7) infuse your bass and floor FX with creamy,
velvety Orange saturation. A generous onboard
3-band EQ section with plenty of cut and boost is
able to smooth out or agitate your bass to taste.
Enhancements over the AD200 design include Clean
and Pad switches to accommodate active basses and
lighter tastes. You also get a post-EQ and
post-saturation XLR balanced output to inject all
that valve goodness directly into a house PA or
recording system. .

Price: SEK 7375

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