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1940 Vega Electrovox Triumphal Supertron

Excellent condition, 8/10, made by Vega in Boston,
MA, some binding rot on the headstock but the
binding on the body has been totally replaced
professionally, 2 white knobs, volume and tone,
original black pickguard with binding, has had a
pro refret and a neck reset so the action is
perfect, added strapbutton by the neck heel,
including modern hardcase with winered lining,
this series was introduced the same year as
Gibsons ES-150 so it was an extremely early
electric archtop, this guitar has a single coil
pickup in the middle which sits in a tortoise
celluloid box, this guitar has all it s original
parts which is unique, the tone knob has 3
positions, 2pc original sound posts under the
bridge, beautiful flamed maple veneer all over the

Price: SEK 17500

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