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2002 Gitane D-500 Maccaferri Style

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, solid spruce top,
rosewood back and sides, D soundhole, flat
cutaway, slotted headstock. Made in China, price
brand new is 12035SEK (about 1200USD), the bridge
has been replaced with a nice custom made replica
from Manousche Guitars in England, info from
online: Fans of Gypsy-Jazz guitar as well as
guitar aficionados of every stripe will applaud
Saga s re-introduction of the classic
Selmer-Maccaferri style jazz guitar - the
revolutionary and market leading Gitane D-500! All
measurements and characteristic features of this
guitar were faithfully recreated to make this the
highest quality and affordable guitar of this kind
on the market
Authentic Gypsy Jazz shape and dimensions with
12th fret neck joint<br>-
Solid Sitka spruce top with traditional large
D-shaped soundhole creates a warm and ambient
Gypsy Jazz sound<br>- Santos
rosewood back and sides guarantee deep bass and
strong cutting power<br>-
Low profile mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard
provides fast, easy
action<br>- Traditional
brass tailpiece and ebony compensated mustache
bridge, perfect for the Django Reinhardt
enthusiastand more info from online: Saga did a
nice job of creating the warm, balanced sound that
the original 12 fret Selmer Maccafferis have. You
d be hard pressed to find a professional who would
use this guitar for lead as the 12 fret neck
limits high fret access and the shorter scale
doesn t produce the biting lead lines that the
longer scale guitars have. However, the warmth and
balance of this model make it an excellent Gypsy
jazz rhythm guitar and it can even be used in
other styles like rock and folk.

Price: SEK 9500

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