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Vox AC30C2

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, Made in China,
missing one input jack (high normal), effect loop,
2pc Celestion speakers, from The
AC30C2 replaced the AC30CC2 in January 2010. The
AC-30C2 is produced by Vox in China and offered a
number of significant changes from the
AC-30CC2.The AC-30C2 is a true two channel amp.
Each channel has two inputs. The first channel
incorporates the preamp circuitry from the
original AC-30 Normal amp while the second
channel featured the Vox AC-30 Top Boost
circuit. Three ECC83 tubes power the preamp.Line
out and effects loop jacks were mounted in the
upper rear panel.The AC30C2 also has tremolo and a
spring based reverb.The GZ34 rectifier tube was
dropped from the AC30C2 amp in favor of diode
rectification. This was the first time since the
early 1990 s that the AC-30 did not have a GZ-34
tube rectifier.The change away from tube
rectification in the AC30C2 offended some Vox
purists. Many feel that the audio compression from
tube rectifier induced voltage sag is a central
ingredient in AC-30 tone. However, the diminishing
quality of GZ-34 rectifier tubes in recent years
has become a real problem. The first tube to fail
in an AC-30 amp is typically the GZ-34 rectifier
tube. When it fails, it will blow the main fuse
and shut the amp down. Eliminatiing the rectfier
tube makes the amp more dependable.The AC30C2
cabinet is completely constructed of MDF (medium
density fiber board, or particle board). The
AC30CC2, along with its predecessor, the AC-30TB ,
had 13 ply baltic birch plywood enclosures.
Surprisingly, the AC-30C2 amp is only two pounds
heavier than the AC30CC2.Tube replacement no
longers requires that the amp chassis be removed
from the cabinet. Removing the upper rear back
panel exposes three ECC83 and four EL-84 tubes for
easy exchange (see photo at left).Two 12
Celestion Greenback speakers are mounted in the
open backed enclosure. Jacks for extension
speakers, along with an impedance selector switch,
are mounted on the upper back panel. Model AC30C2
Dimensions 27.4 x 10.4 x 21.25 Weight 73 lbs
Retail Price $1599.00 Street Price $1199.99

Price: SEK 5500

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