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2006 JMI 30/6 AC30 Fawn

Mint condition, 9/10, manufactured in England by
Jennings Musical Industries, including original
black cover and original single button footswitch,
2pc blue speakers marked 03.02.06 on a sticker,
back in 2006 these amps were point-to-point
handmade in very few numbers and about 5-7 pieces
were imported to Sweden by Eagle Instruments (amp
collector and connoisseur Orjan Jacobsson)
directly from the JMI-owner Rick Harrison (of
Music Ground fame) who later sold the rights to
someone else but these early ones have a great
reputation and is a perfect replica of the early
1960 s Vox AC30 in the rare fawn (blonde) tolex

Price: SEK 20000

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