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2017 Fender Classic '50s Telecaster

Excellent condition, 8/10, including original
gigbag, dated 12-13-2017 (Dec 13th 2017), price
brand new was 8845SEK (about 900USD), more info:
For guitarists who must have the instrument s
original-era tone, look and feel, the Classic
Series 50s Telecaster epitomizes the guitar in
the decade of its debut, with unmistakable early
Tele style and snap. With its authentic
vintage-style features and finishes, everything
about it takes you back to the time of diners,
Ike for President, cars with fins, two-stepping
western swing, a wild new kind of music called
rock n roll, and an upstart little Southern
California company called Fender.

Price: SEK 6200

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