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Bjärton BJ-12 De Luxe
1978 catalog


Body width: 415 mm.
Body length: 510 mm.
Body depth: 115 mm.
Scale length: 630 mm.
Spruce top.
Mahogany back & sides.
4-ply bound top.
Single-bound back.
Mahogany bolt-on neck.
Single-bound rosewood fingerboard with bass side dot inlay.
Rosewood bridge.
Natural or sunburst finish.
10 year warranty.

Offered in two versions:
Fully acoustic (BJ-12 De Luxe) or with pickup and controls (BJ-12 De Luxe EL).

Available for export under the Hagström brand.

Introduced: ca 1972

Earliest known example: 129382 (1972) - (Hagström BJ-12 De Luxe)
139939 (1973) - (Hagström BJ-12 De Luxe)
54159457 (1976) - (BJ-12 De Luxe)
54174702 (ca 1978) - (BJ-12 De Luxe)
201742 (ca 1981) - (BJ-12 De Luxe)
54141864 (1973) - (BJ-12 De Luxe EL)
Latest known example: 54223494 (ca 1984)