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Bjärton Jimmy
1966 Hagström catalog

1968 catalog

1968 Hagström catalog

1971 catalog


Body width: 387 mm.
Body depth: 98 mm.
Spruce top.
Mahogany back & sides.
4-ply bound top.
Single-bound back.
14-fret mahogany neck.
Unbound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay.
Natural finish.
1 year warranty.

Available for export under the Hagström brand.
Marketed in the U.S.A. as Hagström H-11.

Hagström version specifications:
Body width: 360 mm.
12-fret neck.
Different rosette & unbound soundhole.
Different pickguard shape.

Introduced: ca 1965

Earliest known example: 62841 (1965)
63503 (1965) - (missing pickguard)
67008 (1965)

ca 1966:

No fingerboard inlay (Hagström version)

unknown number (ca 1966)
87396 (1967)

ca 1967:

Rounded fingerboard end.
14-fret neck (Hagström version)

106912 (1969) - (Hagström) - (missing pickguard)

ca 1970:

Changed pickguard shape.
No fingerboard inlay.
Natural or sunburst finish.

ca 1971:

Both versions share the same specifications.
Straight fingerboard end.
5 year warranty.

Latest known example: 125299 (1972) - (changed pickguard)