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Bjärton Orkestergitarr P24
1960s ad


Spruce top.
Maple back & sides.
7-ply bound top.
Single-bound back.
Hagström P24 pickup unit.
Hagström adjustable bridge.
Trapeze tailpiece or Hagström Tremar.
Mahogany neck.
Unbound headstock with or without inlay.
Adjustable truss rod.
Unbound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay or three-piece block inlay.
Individual tuners.
Sunburst finish.

Although not present in any of the known catalogs, this model appears to be a
Orkestergitarr (Orchestra guitar) electrified with a Hagström P24 pickup unit.
Variations in neck ornamentations has been seen but they were all noted as "Orkestergitarr P24" in the shipping ledgers.

The shipping ledgers also includes two "Orkestergitarr P26" which probably is the same model but with a Hagström P26 pickup unit.

Introduced: ca 1959

Earliest known example: 14064 (ca 1959)
17417 (ca 1960) - (changed tailpiece)
17422 (ca 1960) - (changed tailpiece & bridge)
17427 (ca 1960)
17526 (ca 1960)
21486 (ca 1961) - (missing pickguard, changed bridge)
31475 (ca 1962)

ca 1962:

Non-adjustable truss rod.

unknown number (ca 1962)
Latest known example: 31931 (ca 1962)