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Bjärton basses/cellos serial numbers

The numbers below are rough estimates only, based on the very limited information currently available to us.
Please help making this site more accurate and complete by sending us serial numbers and photos of your instrument
or any other information that you might have access to.

ca 1946 - ca 1959
1-4 digits hand written on the label or 4 digits stamped into the neck heel.

The current available information suggests that at first, the serial number and year was written on a label,
presumably starting with serial number 1. Later, the serial number was stamped into the neck heel.

According to an interview with former factory worker Olle Tornerefeldt, after a fire in the factory in 1954,
the same serial number series was used for all instruments. This suggests that there were two separate series used,
one for basses/cellos (1946-1954), and one for guitars/mandolins (1952-1954).

When the guitar production started in 1952, the first guitar received serial number 1001.
It is not known how many basses/cellos had been built at that time (the closest currently known number is 940, dated 1952.

More examples of basses/cellos needs to surface before we can get a clearer understanding of their serial numbers.

For example, one bass that was bought new in 1956 has been reported having a 2-digit number stamped into the headstock.
(However, it is not clear if that's a serial number or if it is some other marking.)
Also, two 4-digit serial numbers beginning with '00' has been reported to us, but we do not know the placement for those.

Until more examples turns up, here's a rough guide:

Serial number range Year
x - xx ca 1946
xx - (1)xx ca 1947
(1)xx - (1)xx ca 1948
1xx - 3xx ca 1949
3xx - 6xx ca 1950
6xx - 9xx ca 1951
9xx - 11xx ca 1952
11xx - 13xx ca 1953
13xx - 16xx ca 1954
16xx - 22xx ca 1955
22xx - 29xx ca 1956
29xx - 41xx ca 1957
41xx - 60xx ca 1958
60xx - 9xxx ca 1959