This page is part of our Levin information.

C. F. Martin & Co.

C. F. Martin & Co. purchased the Levin company
in 1973, but before that, they clearly must have
been experimenting with having Levin build a few
Martin D-18 guitars. Several years ago we received
these photos of a 1971 Martin D-18. It appears to
have a regular Martin D-18 body with the neck
block being stamped with D-18 and a 1971 Martin
serial number, but with a Levin W 32 neck with a
Martin logo and Levin Schaller tuners.
Check it out here: 281632

Around 1978 Levin also built the Martin LD-18
model that looked just like a regular Martin D-18
but with Levin Schaller tuners. The neck block is
stamped LD-18 and a stamp on the inside of the
back says:


Reportedly, 200 were made, and here are some:
xxxxxx (unknown number)
563941 (1978)
563955 (1978)
563995 (1978)

Also, a 1978 Martin LD-28 has surfaced.
Check it out here: 563924 (1978)