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Levin Model 2 / Model 52
1902 catalog

Guitar Mandolin.
Flat back.
Spruce top with inlay.
Maple back & sides.
Celluloid & mosaic bound top.
Mosaic rosette.
Unbound headstock.
Unbound rosewood fingerboard with varied mother-of-pearl inlay.
Bone nut.
Nickel plated tailpiece.
Mahogany finished back & sides.
Natural finished top.
Also available with banjo neck as (Banjo Mandolin).

Introduced: Circa 1900

Circa 1907:
Renamed Model 52.

Earliest known example: 10042 (1908)
43599 (1919)
xxxxx (1920s)

Circa 1923:
Birch back & sides.
Silver plated frets.

Latest known example: 51088 (1923)