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Levin Model 340
1965 catalog


Body width: 420 mm.
Body length: 500 mm.
Body depth: 50 mm.
Scale length: 630 mm.
Hand carved top & back.
Sapeli mahogany top.
Sapeli mahogany back & sides.
6-ply bound top with 4-ply bound f-holes.
4-ply bound back.
Mahogany neck with adjustable truss rod.
Metal truss rod cover.
5-ply bound headstock with mother-of-pearl inlay.
5-ply bound ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl split block inlay.
Van Gent tuners.
Metal neck plate (except on early examples).
2 DeArmond Dynasonic pickups.
Hagström bridge.
Gold plated hardware.
Natural mahogany finish.
Ten year warranty.

Introduced: ca 1963

Earliest known example: 434429 (1963)
no number (ca 1963)
444553 (1964)
454726 (1965)
xxxxxx (ca 1965) - (changed pickups, bridge and knobs, missing pickguard)
457941 (1965)
Latest known example: 523413 (1973)