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Levin Model 5 Star
1948 catalog

1957 catalog


Body width: 420 mm.
Body length: 510 mm.
Hand carved spruce top.
Walnut or mahogany back & sides.
4-ply bound top with unbound f-holes.
Single-bound back.
Single-bound pickguard.
Mahogany neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod.
Single-bound headstock with pearloid inlay.
Single-bound rosewood fingerboard with pearloid small block inlay.
Nickel plated hardware.
Sunburst (5) or natural (5N) finish.
Ten year warranty.

Also available with a Wingtone pickup (1950 Levin catalog).
Electro Wingtone pickup (shown here with a Model 2 Solist pickguard).

Introduced: ca 1947

Earliest known example: 190617 (1947)
196684 (1948)
228290 (1950) - (added electronics, changed pickguard & bridge)

ca 1950:

Tuners with white plastic buttons.

ca 1950:

Large bridge thumbwheels.

2448xx (1951)
267332 (1951)
3129xx (1954)

ca 1954:

Walnut back & sides.

Earliest known cutaway example: 318110 (1954)
318540 (1954)
Latest known non-cutaway example: 348075 (1956) - (Model 4 Orchestra headstock inlay)

ca 1957:

Adjustable truss rod.
Single-bound f-holes.
Tuners with metal buttons.
Changed tailpiece design.

Latest known example: 357589 (1957)