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Bjärton shipping ledger for serial numbers S12396-S14161

This list has been compiled thanks to the diligent work of Patrik Ivert who has spent an enormous
amount of time and effort to digitalize the information from the original shipping ledgers.

Serial number Trademark Model name Shipping date Town Retailer Additional information
S12396 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Stockholm
S12397 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Stockholm
S12398 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Örebro
S12399 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Göteborg
S12400 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Stockholm
S12401 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Stockholm
S12402 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Sundsvall
S12404 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Sundsvall
S12405 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Stockholm
S12406 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Sundsvall
S12407 Bjärton Cascade 1968-01-15 Stockholm
S12408 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Göteborg
S12409 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12410 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12411 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12412 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12413 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12414 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12415 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12416 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12417 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12418 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12419 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12420 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12421 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12422 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12423 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12424 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12425 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12426 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12432 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown Registered twice (Minor and Cascade)
S12432 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN) Registered twice (Minor and Cascade)
S12434 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12435 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12436 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12439 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12441 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12443 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12444 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12446 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12447 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown Registered twice (Minor and Cascade)
S12447 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN) Registered twice (Minor and Cascade)
S12448 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12449 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12450 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12452 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason Registered twice (Minor and Cascade)
S12452 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN) Registered twice (Minor and Cascade)
S12466 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12467 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12468 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12469 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12473 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12478 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12487 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12489 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12490 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12491 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12492 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12493 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12494 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12499 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12500 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12501 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12502 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12503 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12504 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S12506 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12518 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S12552 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12555 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12597 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12616 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12617 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12618 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12627 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12628 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-18 Malmö
S12629 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Göteborg
S12630 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-18 Malmö
S12631 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-18 Malmö
S12632 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Göteborg
S12633 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-18 Malmö
S12634 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Göteborg
S12636 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12638 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12639 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12654 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12655 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12656 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12657 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12658 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12659 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12660 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12662 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12666 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12667 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12668 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12669 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12671 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12672 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12673 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12697 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12726 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S12727 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S12732 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12737 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S12750 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12756 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12757 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12758 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12759 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12760 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12761 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12762 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12763 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12764 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12765 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12766 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12767 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12768 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12769 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12770 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12771 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12772 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12773 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12774 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12775 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12776 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12777 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12778 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12780 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12781 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12782 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Åsenbruk Roland Clason
S12784 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12785 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12786 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12787 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-24 Unknown
S12792 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-07 Norrköping
S12797 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12799 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12800 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12801 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12802 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12803 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Örebro
S12814 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12816 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12819 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12820 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12833 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12835 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12844 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12845 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Örebro
S12846 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12847 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12848 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12849 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12850 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Örebro
S12854 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12856 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12858 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12859 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12860 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-29 Unknown
S12861 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12862 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Uddevalla Frithiofs Musik
S12864 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-05 Landskrona
S12865 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Göteborg
S12866 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12867 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-05 Landskrona
S12868 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Örebro
S12871 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12872 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12878 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12886 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12891 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12894 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12895 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12896 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12898 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12900 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12902 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12903 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12904 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12905 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12906 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12907 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12908 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-23 Stockholm
S12910 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-07 Norrköping
S12911 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-07 Norrköping
S12912 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-07 Norrköping
S12918 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12919 Bjärton Minor 1968-01-25 Örebro
S12924 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Norrköping
S12925 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Norrköping
S12926 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Norrköping
S12927 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Norrköping
S12929 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-01 Sundsvall
S12935 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-05 Unknown Musikhuset
S12936 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-05 Unknown Musikhuset
S12939 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-05 Unknown Musikhuset
S12941 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-05 Unknown Musikhuset
S12942 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-02 Unknown
S12945 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-02 Unknown
S12947 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-02 Unknown
S12948 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-02 Unknown
S12960 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12963 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12965 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-25 Västerås
S12966 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12968 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12972 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-25 Västerås
S12975 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12976 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S12978 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12980 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S12985 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-19 Gävle
S12986 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-19 Gävle
S12987 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-19 Gävle
S12988 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-19 Gävle
S12989 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S12991 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S12992 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S12993 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S12994 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S12995 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12996 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-29 Unknown
S12997 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-14 Unknown
S13000 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13001 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13002 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13003 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13004 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13005 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13006 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13012 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13014 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13017 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13018 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13020 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13021 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13022 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13025 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-30 Gävle
S13028 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13051 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13053 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13054 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13060 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13061 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-29 Unknown
S13062 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-29 Unknown
S13063 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13064 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-29 Unknown
S13065 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-29 Unknown
S13067 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-14 Unknown
S13068 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-29 Unknown
S13070 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-29 Unknown
S13081 Bjärton Carmencita Unknown Unknown
S13097 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13098 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13099 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13100 Bjärton Isabella 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13133 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13135 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13136 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13137 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13138 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13139 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13143 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13146 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13148 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13149 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13152 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13197 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13199 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13200 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13201 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13203 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13204 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13205 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13207 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13208 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13209 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13210 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13211 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13212 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13214 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13216 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13217 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-14 Unknown
S13219 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13220 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13221 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13222 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13223 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13224 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13225 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13226 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13228 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13229 Bjärton Carmencita Unknown Unknown
S13230 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-08 Unknown
S13231 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13232 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13233 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-09 Malmö
S13234 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-14 Unknown
S13248 Bjärton Minor Unknown Unknown Blonde
S13255 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-14 Unknown Registered twice (Carmencita and Carmencita)
S13255 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN) Registered twice (Carmencita and Carmencita)
S13256 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-14 Unknown
S13257 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-14 Unknown
S13259 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-14 Unknown
S13260 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13261 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13262 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13263 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13264 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13265 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13266 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13267 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13268 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13269 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13270 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13271 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13272 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13273 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13274 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13275 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13277 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13279 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13280 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13282 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13283 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S13285 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S13286 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S13287 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S13288 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13289 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13290 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13291 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13292 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13293 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13299 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S13301 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-08 Växjö
S13302 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13319 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13344 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13347 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13349 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13351 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13356 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13357 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13357 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13360 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13361 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13363 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall Registered twice (Cascade and Carmencita)
S13363 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall Registered twice (Cascade and Carmencita)
S13364 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13365 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13366 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13367 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-06-05 Sundsvall
S13369 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall Registered twice (Cascade and Carmencita)
S13369 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-05-28 Stockholm Registered twice (Cascade and Carmencita)
S13370 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13371 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13372 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13373 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13374 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall Registered twice (Cascade and Carmencita)
S13374 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Copenhagen (DEN) Registered twice (Cascade and Carmencita)
S13375 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13376 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13377 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall
S13381 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown Registered twice (Cascade and Minor)
S13381 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Sundsvall Registered twice (Cascade and Minor)
S13383 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13390 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13391 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13392 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13394 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13395 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13396 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13397 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13399 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13419 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13420 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13421 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13422 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13423 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13424 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13425 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13426 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-12 Stockholm
S13427 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Skövde
S13428 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Skövde
S13429 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Skövde
S13430 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-12 Skövde
S13431 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-16 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13434 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-16 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13438 Bjärton Cascade 1968-08-01 Örebro
S13443 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-16 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13448 Bjärton Cascade 1968-02-16 Copenhagen (DEN)
S13453 Bjärton Cascade 1968-08-01 Ludvika
S13455 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13456 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13481 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S13482 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-16 Malmö Birger Steiner
S13483 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-16 Malmö Birger Steiner
S13484 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-16 Malmö Birger Steiner
S13486 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-16 Malmö Birger Steiner
S13490 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S13491 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S13492 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S13494 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13495 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13496 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13497 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13498 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13499 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13500 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13501 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13502 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13503 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13504 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13506 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13508 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13509 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13510 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13511 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13512 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-14 Växjö
S13513 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13514 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13516 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13517 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Helsingborg
S13518 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13519 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13520 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13521 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13522 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13523 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13524 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13525 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13526 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13527 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-13 Kristianstad
S13528 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13529 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13530 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13531 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13532 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13533 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-08 Örebro Folkes Foto
S13534 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-02-22 Stockholm
S13535 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13536 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-08 Örebro Folkes Foto
S13545 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13551 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13552 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13559 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-20 Unknown
S13629 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13635 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13647 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13656 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13657 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13658 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13659 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13660 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13661 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13662 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13664 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13665 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13666 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13667 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13668 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13669 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13670 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13671 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13672 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13677 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13678 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13679 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13680 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13681 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13682 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13683 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13684 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13685 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13686 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13687 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13688 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13689 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13690 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13691 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13692 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Stockholm
S13693 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Uppsala
S13694 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Uppsala
S13695 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13696 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13697 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13698 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13699 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13700 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13701 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13702 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S13705 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S13706 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13708 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13709 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S13710 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13711 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S13714 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-08 Örebro Folkes Foto
S13716 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13717 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13718 Bjärton Minor 1968-02-27 Halmstad
S13719 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13721 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13722 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13723 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13724 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13725 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13726 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13727 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-13 Unknown
S13728 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-08 Örebro Folkes Foto
S13737 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-08 Örebro Folkes Foto
S13741 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13742 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13743 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13744 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-06 Göteborg
S13759 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13760 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13761 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13764 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13765 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13767 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13768 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13769 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13771 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13772 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13774 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13775 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13776 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13777 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-08 Örebro Folkes Foto
S13778 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13781 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13783 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13784 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-05 Karlstad
S13789 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S13790 Bjärton Minor 1968-04-05 Unknown
S13791 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S13795 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13796 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13797 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13798 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13799 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13800 Bjärton Minor 1968-04-05 Unknown
S13803 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13804 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13806 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-21 Göteborg
S13809 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13816 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13817 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13820 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13821 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13822 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13823 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13824 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13825 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13827 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13828 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13829 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13830 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13831 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13836 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13837 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13838 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13839 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13840 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13843 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13844 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13845 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13847 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-15 Gävle
S13848 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-15 Gävle
S13851 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-29 Unknown
S13856 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13858 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13859 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13861 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Västerås
S13862 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13863 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13865 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13866 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13867 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Unknown
S13889 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S13890 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S13891 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-13 Kristianstad
S13892 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S13894 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13895 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13896 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13897 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13898 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13899 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13901 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13902 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-13 Kristianstad
S13903 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-21 Växjö
S13908 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-03-13 Kristianstad
S13913 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13915 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13916 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13917 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Uppsala
S13918 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Uppsala
S13919 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13920 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13921 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13922 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-07 Norrköping
S13923 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13924 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13925 Bjärton Minor 1968-03-25 Skövde
S13927 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-28 Stockholm
S13936 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-07 Norrköping
S13964 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13966 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13968 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13969 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13970 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13972 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13980 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-15 Gävle
S13981 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-15 Gävle
S13984 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13989 Bjärton Minor 1968-05-14 Stockholm
S13993 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S14011 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S14012 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S14013 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S14014 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-04-17 Stockholm
S14061 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S14062 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S14063 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S14064 Bjärton Minor 1968-06-06 Kristianstad
S14066 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Ludvika
S14067 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Gävle
S14068 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Ludvika
S14069 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Gävle
S14070 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Eskilstuna
S14071 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14072 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Karlstad
S14073 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Eskilstuna
S14074 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Karlstad
S14075 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14076 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14077 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Eskilstuna
S14078 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Ludvika
S14079 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Gävle
S14080 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Karlstad
S14081 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Eskilstuna
S14082 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14083 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Ludvika
S14084 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Gävle
S14085 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Karlstad
S14086 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Uppsala
S14087 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Malmö
S14088 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Norrköping
S14089 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Västerås
S14090 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Malmö
S14091 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Västerås
S14092 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Malmö
S14093 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Norrköping
S14094 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Uppsala
S14095 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Västerås
S14096 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Norrköping
S14097 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Uppsala
S14098 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Västerås
S14099 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Malmö
S14100 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Uppsala
S14102 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Norrköping
S14103 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14104 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14105 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14106 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14107 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14108 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14109 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14110 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14111 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14112 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14113 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14114 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14115 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14116 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14117 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Örebro
S14118 Bjärton Cascade 1968-06-17 Sundsvall
S14148 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-09-06 Unknown
S14149 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-09-06 Unknown
S14150 Bjärton Carmencita 1968-09-06 Unknown
S14152 Bjärton Minor 1968-09-03 Unknown
S14160 Bjärton Minor 1968-09-03 Unknown
S14161 Bjärton Minor 1968-09-03 Unknown Shaded