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Levin Model 1
1902 catalog
(This is probably the image for Model 2
as the Model 1 had no binding around the top.)

1907 catalog

1923 catalog


Body width: 315 mm.
Body length: 460 mm.
Body depth: 78 mm.
Spruce top with ladder bracing.
Birch back & sides.
Unbound top.
Unbound back.
Unbound headstock.
Unbound ebonized fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlay.
Silver plated frets.
Pyramid bridge.
Bridge pins and strap button with mother-of-pearl inlay.
Mahogany finished back & sides.
Natural finished top.

Also available with tailpiece (Model 1 S).

Introduced: ca 1900

Earliest known example: 1650 (1904)

ca 1906:

Changed rosette.
Unbound ebonized fingerboard with no inlay.
Brass frets.
Brass tuners.
Changed bridge design.
Rosewood finished back & sides.
12614 (1910)

ca 1910:

Walnut fingerboard with no inlay.

26205 (1915)

ca 1920:

Walnut fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlay.

ca 1923:

Silver plated frets.

51843 (1923) - (added back strip)
Latest known example: 52280 (1923)