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Levin top bracing

The catalogs rarely mention what type of top bracing was used, but here's a rough guide that will fit most models:

Models Bracing type
Archtop guitars One single diagonal brace
Nylon-string guitars Fan bracing
Higher grade pin-bridge guitars X-bracing
Other guitars Ladder bracing
Lutes & Ukuleles Ladder bracing

Model specific bracing information on this site has been added for some models based on information received from
instrument owners. However, sometimes the reports for the same model differ. That could be explained by the fact that
different bracing types was used during different years of the production, as appear to be the case with Goya S-16, where
a 1958 model can be seen having ladder bracing while a 1964 model is having X-bracing. Also, sometimes an owner can
be confused about what type of bracing is being used, which may explain at least some of the different reports.

Your help is needed in documenting what type of bracing was used for each model. Please help making this site better and
more complete by sending us photos of your instrument including a photo of its top bracing.

Goya F-11 example
ca 1963 model with fan bracing

Goya S-16 examples
1958 model with ladder bracing
1964 model with X-bracing