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Levin Model 75 Tenor/85 Oktav
1951 catalog

8-string Tenor/Oktav Mandola.
Tuned A-D-G-C (Tenor) or one octave lower than a mandolin (Oktav).
Flat back.
Body width: 300 mm.
Scale length: 435 mm.
Spruce top with undetermined bracing.
Birch back & sides.
Single-bound top.
Unbound back.
Black pickguard.
Unbound headstock.
Mahogany neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod.
Unbound rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlay.
Nickel plated tuners.
Sunburst finish.
One year warranty.

Introduced: Circa 1951
as a replacement for Model 70 Alto and Model 80 Oktavo.

Earliest known example: 287509 (1952)
2878xx (1952)

Circa 1955:
Renamed Model 75/Model 85.

325483 (1955)

Circa 1957:
Changed tuner design with white straight-sided plastic buttons.

Circa 1960:
Tuners with white oval plastic buttons.

415321 (1961)
419994 (1961)
425961 (1962)
Latest known example: 443035 (1964)